Chief Investigator

2016-2018 – Australian National Data Service High Value Collection, ‘Angus & Robertson Collection for Humanities and Education Research (Archiver)’ (as lead Chief Investigator; CI-2 Simon Burrows, Western Sydney University). AUD $160,000.

2016-2018 – Australian Research Council Discovery Project (DP160103488), ‘Mapping Print, Charting Enlightenment’ (as third named Chief Investigator; lead CI Simon Burrows, Western Sydney University). AUD $459,606.

2016-2018 – Australian Research Council Discovery International Award (DIA). AUD $15,432.

2015 – Cultural Heritage Initiatives, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Department of Cultural Affairs and Public Diplomacy, Canberra, Australia: ‘Developing a Sustainable Model for the Preservation of the Mutual Cultural Heritage of Dutch who made Australia and New Zealand Home’ (as second named Chief Investigator; lead CI Nonja Peters, Curtin University, Perth, Australia). AUD $25,000.

Developer and Project Lead

2014 – ‘Journal Finder’ project, a collaboration between the UWS Digital Humanities Research Group and Library, Western Sydney University (with Susan Robins, Michael Gonzalez and Paul Arthur). Using ERA, Library-subscribed and open access data to amalgamate a range of journal performance metrics (such as trends, citation counts, Australian and international citation benchmarks), Journal Finder assists the academic community in making decisions on where to publish their research findings for the greatest impact. Nominated for a Vice-Chancellor’s Excellence Award in Professional Service (as Team Leader).

Manager (Digital Humanities Research Group)

2014-2015 – Conference Director, ‘Digital Humanities 2015: Global Digital Humanities’, the annual conference of the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO), Sydney, 29 June–3 July 2015. Hosted by the Western Sydney University Digital Humanities Research Group, in partnership with the State Library of New South Wales.

2014-2015 – Project Manager, Cultural Heritage Android Tablet App, ‘Female Orphan School: Walking Tour’, in partnership with the Whitlam Institute (as second-named Team Leader; Project Lead Michael Gonzalez, Associate Librarian, Western Sydney University, Australia; Developer Jan Jaap de Groot, Netherlands).

Board Member

2014-2015 – Australian National Data Service (ANDS) Major Open Data Collection (Greater Western Sydney) project (as Board Member of Data Collection Advisory Group, Western Sydney University – creating a major research data set to inform policy development and implementation in Greater Western Sydney and support the newly established Centre for Western Sydney). AUD $200,000.

2015 – Dutch Scientific Foundation NWO Project, ‘Migrating People, Regulating Networks: Lessons from the Past, 1945-1990’, Huygens Institute for the History of the Netherlands, Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences.