2001 MA Dissertation

‘Towards Critical Cultural Foresight: Australian Futures Studies’ (Masters Thesis, The University of Queensland, 2001) addresses the manner in which knowledge of the future (or futurestext, information positioned and empowered as ‘relevant’ to the future and significant to the construction and formation of the ‘future’ subject) is created, propagated and given prominence in Australian culture and Australian studies in moving from the second to the third millennium. It argues that the future can be positioned as a text subject to various desires and uses and that from such positioning a form of apocalyptic thinking can be observed as a deep cultural process guiding interpretations of the future for Australians. Situated within the discipline of Australian studies, a field succinctly described by Ffion Murphy as ‘a discursive formation and cluster of theoretical and methodological strategies for scholarly inquiry into Australia’, this thesis interrogates the politics behind processes actively inventing the future.

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