2017–2018 Engagement Strategy & Scholarly Communications
University Library, Western Sydney University, Sydney

2013–2017 Research & Technical Development Manager
Digital Humanities, School of Humanities and Communication Arts, Western Sydney University, Sydney

2013 Research Officer
School of Education, Murdoch University, Perth
Project: Design of a participatory supervision support platform for improving higher degree supervision: A feasibility study (Australian Government Office for Learning and Teaching Project: CI Dr Dorit Maor). 

2012 Technical Officer
School of Critical Inquiry, Australian National University, Canberra
Projects: Visible Evidence: The International Conference on Documentary Studies (Supervisor: Dr Catherine Summerhayes). 

2011–2013 Technical Officer
School of History, Australian National University, Canberra (since 2011)
Project: Deepening Histories of Place: Exploring Indigenous Landscapes of National and International Significance (ARC Linkage Project: CIs Prof Ann McGrath & Prof Peter Read). 

2011–2013 ERA Submission Administrator & Data Analyst
Directorate, Research and Development, Murdoch University, Perth
Projects: Excellence in Research for Australia (Supervisor: Prof Craig McGarty). 

2011–2012 Technical Officer
School of English, Media Studies and Art History, University of Queensland, Brisbane
Project: Framing Lives: The 8th International Auto/Biography Association Annual Conference (Supervisor: Prof Gillian Whitlock). 

2011–2012 Technical Officer
English and Cultural Studies, University of Western Australia, Perth
Project: Monumental Shakespeare: a transcultural investigation of commemoration in 20th-century England and Australia (ARC Discovery Project: CI W/Prof Philip Mead). 

2011 Instructor
Office of Student Life and Learning, Murdoch University, Perth
Course: Introduction to University Learning SSK12. 

2011 Research Officer
Digital Humanities Hub, Australian National University, Canberra
Project: Masters of Digital Humanities (Supervisor: Dr Katherine Bode). 

2010 Research Officer
School of Critical Inquiry, Australian National University, Canberra
Projects: Literature review of humanities computing in relation to book history data and use of SML/statistical analysis in relation to literary history (Supervisor: Dr Julieanne Lamond). 

2008–2009 University Associate
Australia Research Institute, Curtin University, Perth
Project: Colonial Publishing and Literary Democracy in Australia: an analysis of the influences on Australian literature of British and Australian publishing (ARC Discovery Project: CI Prof Richard Nile).

2006–2013 – Consultant Book Designer & Production Manager
Professional, Perth
Publications: Partners in Print and PaintBlack Night, White Day: Greece-Born Women in AustraliaTeaching at Home, Teaching Abroad: A New Theory for Languages EducationNever Stand Still: Stories of Life, Land and Politics in the Kimberley; War, Hope and Deliverance; Western Australia’s Castellorizian Connection: The First 100 Years, 1912-2012; Black Water Prawning: Drag Netting in the Swan River; A History of Dentistry in Western Australia; Odysseus and the Golden West: Greek Migration, Settlement and Adaption in Western Australia Since 1947; Aliki Theofani Christou: A Life Together.

2006–2008 Research Assistant
Australia Research Institute, Curtin University, Perth
Project: Australian Common Reader (ARC Discovery Project: CI Prof Tim Dolin). 

2000–2006 Consultant Developer & Project Manager
Small Business, The Dot Squad, Brisbane
Clients: Craft Queensland, The Queensland Community Arts Network, PlayLab, QMusic, The Queensland Folk Federation, Opera North, Youth Voice, The Association of Independent Records, Artworkers Alliance, Art of Giving (Queensland State Government), Bartopia, Crossings, The International Association of Australian Studies (InASA), The Medieval Fayre, MMMedia, The Arts Queensland Information Technology Partnership Project (Queensland State Government), The Arc Biennial, The Australian Network of Art and Health, The Dreaming Festival, LoveWise, Guidance Building Services, Smithwick Strata Services, Ferntree Products, and Flipside Circus.

1996–2001 Technical & Production Editor
Australian Studies Centre, University of Queensland, Brisbane
Publications: Journal of Australian Studies (Frontiers, Secret Women’s Business: The Hindmarsh Island Affair, Fabrications, Designing Women, Fatal Shores, Battlers and Stirrers, Australian Masculinities, Urban Cannibals, Everyday Wonders, Who Will Look After the Children, War and Other Catastrophes, Imaginary Homelands, Country and Calling, Writing Australia, The Beautiful and the Damned, Diaspora: Negotiating Asian-Australia, Vision Splendid, Scatterlings of Empire); Australian Cultural History (Human Rights and Reconciliation); UQP Australian Studies (Paul Hasluck in Australian History: Civic Personality and Public Life, Journalism: Print, Politics and Popular Culture, Anxious Nation: Australia and the Rise of Asia 1850-1939, The Australian Legend and its Discontents, Governing Change: From Keating to Howard); UQP Symposia (Becoming Australia). 

1997–2001 Research Assistant
Department of English, University of Queensland, Brisbane
Projects: Australian Plays for the Colonial Stage: 1834-1899 (ARC Discovery Project: CI Dr Richard Fotheringham); Web-based Learning: ENGL2010 Renaissance Literature (Supervisor: Dr Lloyd Davis).

1998 Guest Lecturer
Department of Sociology, University of Queensland, Brisbane
Course: SO254: Future Societies (Supervisor: Brad West). 

1995–1997 Research Assistant
Australian Studies Centre, University of Queensland, Brisbane
Projects: Prose and Poetry of the First World War (ARC Discovery Project: CI Dr Richard Nile); Everyday Wonders: Popular Culture Past, Present and Future Conference (Department of History in association with the Australian Studies Centre); Imaginary Homelands Conference (Australian Studies Centre).