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Software Development: Journey to Horseshoe Bend Digital Scholarly Edition

TGH Strehlow’s biographical memoir is a vivid ethno-historiographic account of the Aboriginal, settler and Lutheran communities of Central Australia in the 1920’s. The ‘Journey to Horseshoe Bend’ project elaborates on Strehlow’s book in the form of an extensive digital hub — a database and website — that seeks to ‘visualise’ the key textual thematics of Arrernte* identity and sense of ‘place’, combined with a re-mapping of European and Aboriginal archival objects related to the book’s social and cultural histories. Thus far the project has produced a valuable collection of unique historical and contemporary materials developed to encourage knowledge sharing and to initiate knowledge creation. By bringing together a wide variety of media — including photographs, letters, journals, Government files, audio recordings, moving images, newspaper, newsletters, interviews, manuscripts, an electronic version of the text and annotations — the researchers hope to ‘open out’ the histories of Central Australia’s Aboriginal, settler and missionary communities.

Book Typeset, Design, Publication and Series Editor : Black Night, White Day

Published through Jason Ensor’s imprint Avago Books: By reknowned Emeritus Professor Reginald Appleyard, this study of Greek women who migrated to Australia in the 1950s and 1960s explores their experiences and the role they played in maintaining Hellenism down under. According to Dr John Yiannakis, research fellow and historian at Curtin University, the female voice is one that has only come to be valued in recent years. “At the moment there’s a growing trend in history and sociology to look at the female migrant experience because it has been overlooked for a long time. “This study adds to the understanding and appreciation of the female experience,” Dr Yiannakis told Neos Kosmos. Co-written by Anna Amera and Emeritus Professor Reg Appleyard, Black Night, White Day: Greece Born Women in Australia looks at the experiences of 78 women, most of who came from the Peloponnese and were invited as part of a government scheme to counter the gender imbalance in Greek migration to Australia experienced in the late ’50s and early ’60s.

Software Development: Various

The British Book Trade project mines data from Gale Cengage’s ECCO database to understand the patterns of publication ahd distribution across the eighteenth century. The manuscripts toolkit has been upgraded to allow mining of data from eighteenth century auction records and the visualisation of those results. A task and device responsive abstracts tool-kit was built for DH2015 and for Western Sydney University’s Blended Learning showcase which enabled an app-like experience of viewing conference programs. Building on Ted nelson’s concepts and with his approval, the Xanadoc Reader incorporates an alternative approach to scholarly writing that allows for citations to be shown in their original context while an article is being read.

Book Typeset, Design, Publication and Series Editor : Partners in Print and Paint

Published through Jason Ensor’s imprint Avago Books: Professor David Allbrook looks back over his 92 years with a sense of gratitude for a life of achievement, adventure and happiness. Born in Palmers Green, London in 1923, his life path has taken him from his childhood in a middle class family, through medical studies in World War Two England, an exciting career in Uganda, to a fifty year residence in Perth. As Professor of Anatomy and Human Biology at the University of Western Australia, and later as a palliative care specialist in Perth and Newcastle, David has been accompanied by his partners in paint and print, the books and images that tell the story of his rich life. Sustained by his Christian faith, and blessed by two long marriages and a loving family, he has explored a world which has changed as much as he has over a long life.

Website Design, Implementation and Maintenance : Various

The ‘Migration, Mobility and Connection’ symposium examined the archival, custodial and digital challenges that impact the discovery, collection, preservation and content management of material and immaterial traces from the past that the Netherlands shares with Australia and New Zealand. The Digital Humanities Research Group brings together researchers, practitioners and professional staff across disciplines to focus on how digital media and computational methods can open up new avenues of inquiry in the humanities and social sciences, enabling richer understanding of complex social, cultural, economic and environmental issues. The Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and Publishing was founded to create a global network for book historians working in a broad range of scholarly disciplines. The 24th annual conference of the Society for the History of Authorship, Reading & Publishing will be held in Paris, France 2016.

Book Typeset, Design, Publication and Series Editor : Teaching at Home, Teaching Abroad

Published through Jason Ensor’s imprint Avago Books: This book by Dr Angela Evangelinou-Yiannakis retraces a part of this educational history regarding the placement of Greek teachers in Western Australia. Everything is carefully and methodologically documented by the author. Semi-structured interviews with a great number of stakeholders (teachers, parents, etc.) are also used to provide first-hand information, followed by a systematic analysis. The great strength of the book is a much bigger, more comprehensive framework in which the particular theme is examined; a microcosmic analysis within a macrocosmic landscape. Through this book, we learn a great deal about Greek settlement in Western Australia, about language and second language acquisition, and relevant theories, about the development of the Greek scheme regarding the secondment of teachers from Greece; all of which is supported by extended literature reviews and comprehensive conclusions.

Book Typeset, Design, Publication and Series Editor : War, Hope and Deliverance

Published through Jason Ensor’s imprint Avago Books: Moora resident Jan Jorissen’s intention in writing War, Hope and Deliverance was to preserve family history. In doing so, he has also provided an invaluable document of life in Holland and WA. Immersing the reader in his life in war-torn Holland, Jorissen describes his childhood under nazi occupation and brings that era alive. This chronicling of key events during WWII as experienced by ordinary Dutch families is enriched with witness accounts that are graphic and moving. His memories include incidents that show the human side of ordinary German soldiers contrasted with the brutality of SS officers.

Software Development: Book History Manuscripts

This tool has been carefully designed to include many pre-populated fields with drop-down menus and auto-complete suggestions to facilitate rapid and accurate data entry from book history-themed archival documents. Currently, it is being used to enter further data into the French Book Trade in Enlightenment Europe project. The first such data set relates to the stamping and legalisation (estampillage) of an estimated 450,000 pirate copies of 2,700 items by French government inspectors in the years 1777-1779.

Website Design, Implementation and Maintenance : Various

The Australasian Consortium of Humanities Research Centres (ACHRC) is a network for groups engaged in Humanities-based research. Digital Humanities is the annual international conference of the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO) and will be held for the first time in Sydney 2015, hosted by the Western Sydney University’s Digital Humanities Research Group. At the Heart of It is a website version of the eBook launched last year in Blackheath. And the French Book Trade in Enlightenment Europe (FBTEE) project uses database technology to map the trade of the Société Typographique de Neuchâtel (STN), a celebrated Swiss publishing house that operated between 1769 and 1794.

Software Development: Journal Finder

Recognizing the need to use data ‘better’, the Western Sydney University Library engaged with the Digital Humanities Research Group to build a new journal evaluation suite. As the Group’s technical & development manager I coded a tool that would accumulate both subscribed and openly available metrics information and provide meaning to an otherwise complex task of identifying a suitable outlet for scholars to publish their work in. Journal Finder thus provides researchers with a portal based on Field of Research that aggregates a range of metrics and assists the data-driven decision-making process. The Journal Finder organises existing information relating to journals and impact in ways that are relevant to the Australian situation and more easily identifiable. As the project’s developer and team leader collaborating with the UWS Library, I was nominated for a 2014 Vice Chancellor’s Excellence Award in Professional Service.

Website Design, Implementation and Maintenance : Deepening Histories of Place

Alongside an in-house digital asset management system and a project-specific home site, three new websites were launched by the Attorney-General of Australia in April 2013. (1) A Feeling For Place: Reflections on Arnhem Land History, with Emeritus Professor John Mulvaney. (2) The Dreaming History from the Pelican, which is about the creation of the stone knives and their movement along the ancient Aboriginal trade routes that cross Australia’s Top End. And (3), Music Day, which provides an opportunity for both established and emerging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander musicians who call Sydney home, to come together to perform and discuss their personal, family and community history, their connection to place, and their musical practice.

Software Development : Digital Asset Management : Phase Two

This Digital Asset Management system contributes to improving the trust and quality of digital history materials, capturing the provenance of sensitive media, and facilitating more efficient and more collaborative content curation between research specialists for a diverse range of outputs. Built over four months, it is framed in response to issues at the heart of any research project involving digital content: one, am I allowed to use this? And two, what can I do with it? By structuring all functions around answering these two questions, this system promotes intellectual, technical and creative rigour. It accurately conveys to users the status of knowledge that their media represents while, in this instance, enabling digital assets to authoritatively contribute to the study of indigenous history.

Book Typeset and Design : Never Stand Still

Born on Mt Anderson pastoral station in the 1930s, John Darraga Watson never learned to read or write but he learned early about hard work, his law and culture and that he was ‘as good as the next man’. He also learned to take the rough with the smooth and to treasure the old people who grew him up. John Watson is renowned for his straight talking and strong leadership in events that shaped the national struggle for Indigenous Land Rights. He is a man of energy and determination, a proud Aboriginal man of the Kimberley. He is a man who never stood still. As John himself says ‘That’s the song, that’s the culture. If you don’t hit the sticks together, no sparks will fly.’

Software Development : Digital Asset Management : Phase One

Using PHP5, MySQL and JQuery, this HTML5 system consists of management tasks and decisions surrounding the ingestion, annotation, cataloguing, storage, retrieval and distribution of digital assets connected with Australian Indigenous History. Digital photographs, audio and video exemplify the target-areas of this media asset management system and are processed within the context of Dublin Core metadata for resource descriptions and an ICIP-based Ethical Protocols controlled vocabulary for managing resource access.

Website Design, Implementation and Maintenance : Deepening Histories of Place

Through researching the Indigenous histories of selected sites in New South Wales and Northern Territory landscapes, Deepening Histories of Place investigates the social and environmental links that create historical ‘highways’ of understanding, including song-lines, tracks, exploration, trade, pastoral and tourism routes. By researching written texts, art, film and sound evidence, this project will develop innovative models for comprehensive, Indigenous and landscape-focused historical interpretation. Bringing together a unique interdisciplinary and industry team, its publications, audio-visual streaming and other history delivery strategies will deepen understandings of internationally significant Australian landscapes.

Software Development : Research Data Management

Leading up to the Excellence in Research Australia (ERA) assessment deadline set by the Australia Research Council, the Directorate at Murdoch University required a research data management tool to better manage and position their publications for evaluation. An appropriate online service was thus developed which linked major citation and peer review research assets, visualised research trends, calculated relative citation impact, and analysed the performance and coverage of scholarly outcomes within the context of national and international benchmarks for individual fields of research.

Website Design, Implementation and Maintenance : Various

The Visible Evidence website was designed for an international conference on documentary studies. The Writing Life Australia series seeks to address a significant gap in Australia’s regional literary landscapes by providing a creative non-fiction forum for mature-aged Australians to find and develop their writing voice, and ultimately publish it for their peers and broader community. The International Auto/Biography Association website brings global perspectives to the study of biography and life writing. The Shakespeare Memorial Sites project aims to provide a resource for both academic and public interest. It will record historical and geographical dynamics in the commemoration of Shakespeare and inform future plans, such as the impending debates regarding the 2016 commemorations, through blending professional research with public commentary.

Book Typeset, Design, Publication and Series Editor : Western Australia’s Castellorizian Connection

Published through Jason Ensor’s imprint Avago Books: The Castellorizian Association (Brotherhood) of Western Australia was established during 1912. By then, a sufficient number of Castellorizian migrants were residing in Perth and Fremantle to justify and maintain the existence of a regional fraternity. However, apart from the Castellorizian presence in Western Australia (WA), events unfolding in the eastern Mediterranean may have also acted as an incentive for the formation of the Association. This book endeavours to outline Castellorizian migration, settlement and adaptation to Western Australia, while examining the role of the chief organisation that has represented local Castellorizians during the last 100 years.

Book Typeset, Design, Publication and Series Editor : Black Water Prawning

Published through Jason Ensor’s imprint Avago Books: Volume One of the Writing Life Australia series, Black Water Prawning is a story about two men and a river. The river is not just a body of water; it is a fragile marine eco-system that connects the Perth hills to Fremantle Harbour and the Indian Ocean. The Swan River and its tributaries are to Perth what the harbour is to Sydney. It is the heart and definitive geographic feature that defines not only the shape of the West Australian capital but also its character. Intimate and thought-provoking, this book has inspired debate and reflection on what the Swan River means to the Perth community. Due to the decades of prawning history which the book surveys, Black Water Prawning has gone on to provide foundational research for ‘Prawn Watch’ project under the stewardship of Dr Kerry Trayler from the Swan River Trust and Professor Neil Loneragan from Murdoch University.

Software Development : The Australian Common Reader

The Australian Common Reader is an interactive digital archive of the reading habits and practices of ordinary Australians since the nineteenth century. It was created to answer: What novels and stories did Australians read, and in what forms? You can use it to search for detailed information about authors, titles, publishers, libraries, periodicals, and readers. Its three main sources of information are library holdings and loans, diaries and letters, and newspapers and magazines.

Book Typeset and Design : A History of Dentistry in Western Australia

A commemoration of the centenary of the Australian Dental Association, Western Australian branch, this book explores the development of dentistry in this state from the 1800s. The progress and experiences of pioneering dental practitioners through to the evolution of proper training facilities and training courses are some of what is examined. Issues such as the fluoridation of public water supplies, the establishment of the Perth Dental Hospital and the campaigns for various dentists’ acts are all discussed as part of the state’s dental history. Central to the advancement of dentistry in this state has been the Western Australian branch of the Australian Dental Association and its predecessors. Its important role in helping progress dentistry and dental care in Western Australia for the last 100 years is affirmed by the author. Interviews with many past and present dentists and extensive documentary research into policies, practises and personalities help to highlight the difficulties faced and achievements of the dental fraternity of Western Australia.

Book Typeset and Design : Odysseus and the Golden West

Greek immigrants and their descendants constitute one of the earliest and most successful ethnic groups in Western Australia. Odysseus in the Golden West explores their journey further. The processes of migrant settlement and adjustment, the machinations and rivalries of Western Australia’s Greek communities and the contributions of Greeks to Western Australia since 1947 are examined. This research sets the experiences, achievements and adaptation of postwar Greek migrants and the Australia-born firmly within the economic, cultural and political context of the host society.

Book Typeset, Design, Publication and Editor : The Smashed Apricot

From 2007 to 2011, with the birth of our first son who was diagnosed with a major hearing loss (unilateral aural atresia), my partner and I were active members of Telethon Speech & Hearing. In 2009 we published a not-for-profit book as part of the organisation’s annual charity drive. Sales donated over $1,000 to Telethon Speech & Hearing in Wembley, Western Australia, and the publication, more broadly, contributed to furthering awareness of hearing loss as a major issue in Australia.