Jason has held positions at The University of Queensland (Brisbane), Curtin University of Technology (Perth), Murdoch University (Perth), The University of Western Australia (Perth), The Australian National University (Canberra) and Western Sydney University (Sydney). He is currently a Visiting Fellow of Huygens ING (Den Haag, 2015-2016). Most recently, he was Data Analyst in Research & Development at Murdoch University and Technical Officer for the Australian Centre for Indigenous History at The Australian National University. In Perth Jason administered Murdoch University’s ERA (Excellence in Research Australia) complete ERA2 data submission. In Canberra he led the technical design and development of one of the largest digital history and knowledge management projects in the field of Australian Indigenous History. A regular speaker in Australia, internationally Jason has presented research in Whistler (Canada), Rotterdam and Den Haag (The Netherlands), Montreal (Canada), Nancy (France), Wellington (New Zealand) and Antwerp (Belgium). In 2016 he will give talks in Paris (France), Den Haag (The Netherlands), Oxford (United Kingdom) and Stanford (United States), and in August will chair a distinguished international NIAS-Lorentz workshop on mutual cultural heritage in Leiden (The Netherlands).

Jason is Director of Electronic Resources for the international Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and Publishing (SHARP, re-elected 2015) and a Founding Editorial Board member for The Anthem Studies in Book History, Publishing and Print Culture (United Kingdom) and DHCommons (United States). He is a Chief Investigator (CI-2) with Professor Simon Burrows (CI-1) on the ‘Mapping Print, Charting Enlightenment’ Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Project (AUD $460K, 2016-2017) and Lead Chief Investigator (CI-1) with Professor Simon Burrows (CI-2) on the ‘Angus & Robertson Collection for Humanities and Education Research (Archiver)’ Australian National Data Service (ANDS) High-Value Collection Project (AUD $160K, 2016-2017). Jason regularly contributes to The Conversation on matters related to research impact and digital scholarship. He was Conference Director for Global Digital Humanities 2015 and is Co-Convenor of SHARP’s planned 2018 conference in Sydney.

Jason has a PhD in Communication and Cultural Studies (“Places of Publication and the Australian Book Trade: A Study of Angus & Robertson’s London Office, 1938-1970”) from Murdoch University (Humanities Research Institute, 2011). His PhD was completed as part of an ARC Discovery Project that merged a technologically innovative analysis of publishing data with an interpretative history of over 18,000 archival documents. Jason has a Master of Arts by research in Australian Studies (“Towards Critical Cultural Foresight: Australian Futures Studies”) from The University of Queensland (School of English, Media Studies and Art History), a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Communication and Cultural Studies (The University of Queensland, Department of English), a Postgraduate Diploma in Australian Studies by dissertation (The University of Queensland, Australian Studies Centre) and a Certificate in Engaging Learners in Online Discussion (Open Universities Australia).